Mission,Vision & Core Values


To be a leader in providing leadership in the profession of Biorisk management in Africa


The African Biological Safety Association dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and practices of Biosafety and Biosecurity issues throughout Africa


A truly regional and global association for Biorisk professionals

  1. Expand professional and public awareness of biological safety through effective communication
  2. Participate in the development of biological safety standards, guidelines, and regulations
  3. Develop AfBSA as the recognized resource for professional and scientific expertise in biological safety
  4. Advance biological safety as a scientific discipline through education, research and professional development
  5. Develop and maintain professional standards for biological safety professionals

Members of the African Biological Safety Association are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner as they practice their profession.

AfBSA members should:

  1. Maintain personal integrity and act responsibly to uphold the integrity of the profession.
  2. Avoid situations and actively work to prevent occurrences of conflict of interest or compromise of professional judgment.
  3. Provide biological safety services only in areas of competence.
  4. Follow recognized biological safety guidelines and standards (from established professional groups or local, County/State, and government agencies, and institutions) in performing work in biological safety.
  5. Provide adequate information regarding potential risks to employee or environmental health and precautions needed to avoid adverse effects.

Maintain confidentiality regarding services provided.